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INTRODUCTION:  “I FORGIVE” - movie screening proposal is a special event that’s designed to screen a film with a message of Forgiveness, Anti-bullying, Triumph over Tragedy, Hope, and Encouragement.  The film shows an insightful look at the gang problem that has touched cities across the country. Viewers will be immersed in the world of street violence and given an opportunity to view a film that is “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”. This film also gives the viewers an insightful look at how young people are pressured and bullied into the terrible cycle of gang life.


MOVIE SYNOPSIS:  The film is based on actual events in the life of gospel recording artist - Dr Tony Davis.  The suspense/drama tells the story of an innocent victim and his death experience. After being mortally wounded; Tony asked God “Why?”, but the answer he received was surprising and it changed the course of his life forever. What happened unexpectedly in the lives of the two boys following the shooting is both shocking and thought-provoking.


PROPOSAL INFORMATION:  We would like to present to your ministry this potential opportunity to partner with us to screen our faith-based film that has a powerful message that is encouraging and changing lives across the country.  In order for us to do so we need partnership to assist our 501c3 nonprofit organization in covering cost so that a church or organization can go to a designated location that we will assign - such as a theater or auditorium to watch the film and have a 30 minute Q&A(Questions & Answers) after the showing.


HOW THE PARTNERSHIP WORKS:  We are offering churches/organization this opportunity not only to encourage and change lives but it can also be used as a fund-raiser opportunity through ticket donations. The requested donation per ticket ranges from $15 to $20 dollar donation each.  Your church/organization will receive either ($5 per $15 dollar ticket donation), or ($10 per each $20 dollar ticket donation) with a minimum of 300 or more participants. Each event is tailored according to the region and the support. (ALL TICKET DONATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED 30-DAYS BEFORE SCHEDULED EVENT).


POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIP SUPPORTER:  A potential partnership supporter could also be a person, church, community outreach organization, or a government outreach agency whom has a funding source.




  • TOTAL FILM & Q&A TIME: Film length: 1hr/32min plus (30-minutes Q&A) equals a total of (2-hours & 2-minutes).


  • THEATER SCREENING: If the screening is scheduled at a local theater such as (AMC/Malco/Regal ect. (Most theater chains require a rental to be scheduled between a Monday thru Thursday only starting from 6pm).


  • CHURCH SCREENING: If the screening is scheduled at a church location; the scheduled time can be flexible according to the scheduling of the church within 30 to 90 days.      




INFORMATION REGARDING DR. TONY DAVIS:  Dr. Tony Davis is a Gospel Recording Artist, Inspirational Speaker, Author of the best-sellers book entitled “Heaven Is Real”, and co-executive Producer of his film entitled “I FORGIVE”.  Dr. Davis is known around the world for his powerful life-changing testimony- regarding how God raised him from 30-minutes of death after he was brutally shot five times leaving ten bullet holes through his body by a Los Angeles-based gang during a trip to pick-up his wife from work. 

He has shared his story many times on various television networks such as ( Dr. Oz Show ) ( TBN ), ( The 700 Club ), ( The WORD network ), ( A&E Bio Channel - Episode of

“I Survived - Beyond and Back” ), and he recently finished an upcoming Episode on “The Discovery Channel – entitled “Project Afterlife”.  

Currently Dr Davis and his team are on tour across the country sharing his mandated message of Forgiveness and Triumph over Tragedy through this film project along with listening to questions and sharing his answers that follow. 

The film now has a track record to encourage young people to stay out of gang life-style, and others that are involved with gangs to get out of gangs and change their mindset of being involved. 

The film also gives the audiences hope to make it through difficult moments in life through scenes within the film that portray a conversation with God during difficult moments in life, which is done through the incredible speaking voice of academy award winner Lou Gossett Jr (as the voice of God) within the film. The film distributor is Bridgestone/BMG Global Multimedia Group.  

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